Updates to your account


We have switched to a new payment system as of September 26th, 2022.

If your donation was made between January – September 26th, 2022, you will receive a tax receipt in the mail in the new year.

Those who have donated between September 26 – today, can access their tax receipts and donation history at their Donor Portal received via email. If you did not donate online but through a different method such as over the phone, a tax receipt for 2022 will be mailed to you early in the new year.

Once a donation is made after September 26th, 2022, you can manage your account and future donations through the Donor Portal sent to your email address. Having trouble finding it in your email? Access your Donor Portal at Donorsupport.adra.ca/login. 

Please contact us using the form below if you have any questions or call us at 1 (905) 446-2372.

The ADRA Canada Team