Marabel JuanataMaribel joins the ADRA team as the Donations Coordinator for the Supporter Relations Department.

Before coming to Canada, Maribel taught at Seventh-day Adventist elementary schools in the Philippines. She says her greatest accomplishments are raising and home-schooling her children, who took precedence over her other work experiences such as supply teaching, church secretary substitute, and food services assistant.

With her son at Burman University and her daughter starting at Kingsway College, she now looks forward to extending her abilities outside the home.

Maribel and her husband are committed Seventh-day Adventists and are active members of the College Park church. They are supporters of the Pathfinder Club, especially the Pathfinder Bible Experience, as well as other church ministries. They are also known in their circles and neighborhood as helpful and resourceful. Maribel enjoys gardening and camping.