Growing up in Eastern Ontario, Peggy can count on one hand the number of extreme weather events she remembers. These days, she continues, “more and more, locally and around the world, we see and feel the results of climatic changes, aging infrastructure, wars, famines, and the heartbreak and tragedy that makes up such a large part of the human story.”

Peggy has always had a love for helping others and has ever searched for practical and creative ways to address needs locally and now on a national and international level. Reflecting on her journey, she says, “I feel blessed to be a member of the diverse and dynamic team that is ADRA Canada.”

Peggy brings to ADRA a Master’s degree in English with training as a Communication Specialist, and an ongoing graduate certification in Emergency Management. Her new role as Project Manager in Emergency Programs will help ensure that ADRA continues to have a proactive and significant role in responding to, as well as preparing for emergencies in Canada and around the world.