Millions of men, women and children are experiencing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

Since March 2015, Yemen has experienced a conflict which has included air strikes, ground fighting, and indiscriminate attacks. Civilian areas are often targeted and populations, particularly women and children, continue to be at risk. This humanitarian catastrophe has seen thousands killed and forced millions of people from their homes.

More than 18 million people need humanitarian assistance. ADRA Canada is working with ADRA Yemen to improve health services and increase access to food for new mothers, pregnant women, and their children. ADRA Canada is also working to improve mental health services for women and girls who have experienced trauma.

In partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, ADRA Canada will give food to over one thousand families and provide clean water to help prevent the spread of the deadly cholera outbreak.

Wardan was struggling to make ends meet before ADRA came to her community. After losing her husband, she was left alone to care for her five daughters. She found work in houses and on farms until she was able to have enough money to open a tiny shop where she could sell items so she could send her girls to school one day.

Wardan’s daughters spent their days travelling far distances to fetch water until ADRA began to install water tanks in her community.

“Hope started to appear over the horizon. ADRA provided us with food baskets and items for me to sell in my shop. Now with clean water so close to my home and with my shop, I can provide for my daughters again. I can’t help but imagine what they’ll grow up to be. I will finally be able to send them back to school!”

With the ongoing conflict, many families and communities have been torn apart. Basic living essentials like food, clean water, health services, safety and so much more, are out of reach for millions of families in Yemen.

We urgently need your help to save lives.

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